Want your team to think creatively, speak off the cuff, try new things, collaborate across silos, and be empathic, humble leaders? Mindhatch’s Organizational Improv offerings will get your team to play – and learn – like professionals. We use activities and concepts from improvisational comedy as a training approach to develop skills, mindsets, and creative leadership capacity among your staff.


Improv is increasingly valued as an art form that translates easily from the theatre to work environments. Our improv workshops and programs have been designed to help employees and teams:

  • Gain confidence with impromptu communication
  • Inspire ideation, innovation, and creativity
  • Refine public speaking and presentation skills
  • Embrace risk taking and cultivate courage
  • Practice empathy, authenticity, and active listening
  • Enhance business development skillsets
  • Facilitate collaboration and team building
  • Strengthen leadership development
  • Unleash entrepreneurial skills
  • Discover workplace improvements that will support your mission

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The Mindhatch® Organizational Improv Experience


Our Organizational Improv offerings are customized to fit each client’s needs and objectives, both in content and in length. Led by seasoned improv trainers and performers who also have deep business and organizational expertise, our trainings engage and retain staff, encourage new thinking, and deliver results. We go beyond the fun and games and use our facilitation skills to unveil actionable insights for improving how professional goals are pursued.

Special Organizational Improv Programs

Organizational Improv |Hiring & Screening Candidates The Improv WayImprov for Design Thinking
Improv Customer Service Through ImprovSpot-On Consumer Research Through Improv

Our improv trainings are flexible enough to be a part of professional gatherings of any length. Mindhatch can design and deliver sessions perfectly tailored for workshops, meetings, retreats, conferences, and even those times when you want something more interesting than a happy hour.


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Improv, Design Thinking, & Cultures of Innovation | Seattle | November 8

Mindhatch Founder Coonoor Behal will present at November’s meeting of the Seattle chapter of the Applied Improvisation Network (AIN). She’ll discuss her work using design thinking for corporate business innovation and why organizational improv can and should be an essential component of any innovation or organizational culture change strategy. Coonoor will also share some of her favorite improv activities she uses with her design thinking clients. JOIN US


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