Innovation Strategy

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We help you use human-centered
methods so you can do innovation right

  • Discover new opportunity spaces
  • Solve the right problems with the right resources
  • Beat the competition by launching only the products, services, and experiences that will drive growth

Why innovate the human-centered way?

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You are still in the business of creating products, services, and experiences for other human beings. To acquire and retain customers, reduce risk, and prepare for future volatility, you must have a deep understanding of the people you are designing for and know you are solving for the problems most meaningful to them.

Simply put: the robots haven’t won yet.

Even if you are investing in technology, chances are you are trying to get the robots to mimic human behavior. If you don’t understand human behavior, how will your organization be successful?

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The Mindhatch Experience

We draw from our one-of-a-kind expertise to develop custom engagements that will help you tackle the uncertainty of creating or evolving a product, service or experience for the marketplace. We help you go beyond numerical projections and traditional market research to create usable offerings that result in delighted customers, engaged staff, and improved profits.

Some of our Methods

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Organizational Improv
Innovation Facilitation overview

While all of our Innovation Strategy work is customized, below are

just a few ways people like you work with us:

Consult and advise
your leadership

Act as your fractional Design/Innovation Strategy leader

Be your resident design strategy and research subject matter expert for defined projects

Design and facilitate high-impact milestone workshops such as ideation sessions and design sprints

Upskill your team and/or individual team members in innovation strategy and human-centered design methods

Transform your culture into one that embraces creative and innovative ways of thinking and working

When you work with us…

When you work with Mindhatch to innovate and grow your business, you will work directly with Founder & CEO Coonoor Behal. As a boutique consulting firm, we provide a high-touch, “white glove” service to our Innovation Strategy clients because we walk the talk and work in a human-centered way.

While we may bring on excellent subject matter experts to provide additional capacity to your project where needed, Coonoor will always be your main advisor.

We love evidence and the data is in: diverse, equitable, and inclusive practices are better for innovation and bottom lines. That’s why we make sure your products, services, and experiences are designed to avoid unintended consequences that diminish market success.

Because we are committed to providing the best and most “human” experience, we limit the number of Innovation Strategy engagements we take on each year.

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