Employee Engagement

Employee engagement should be engaging not eyeroll-inducing!

We use human-centered experiences to turbocharge your employee engagement

  • Upskill your team in the most essential professional skills, mindsets, and behaviors
  • Ensure work gatherings like offsites, retreats, and conferences are worth the investment
  • Prepare your employees for the future challenges of your industry
  • Reward – and retain – your people with an opportunity to build cohesion in a meaningful way — not just another happy hour!
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Our human-centered approach to employee engagement guarantees your employees will:

  • Gain valuable skills and resources they can apply to their work – and life – immediately
  • Feel like their time has been used wisely and respected
  • Have a greater connection to their colleagues and company mission
  • Have fun!

Don’t want to wait for the next scheduled gathering? We can turbocharge your employee engagement at any time!

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About Our Employee Engagement Offerings

All of our employee engagement offerings are designed with humans (i.e. your participants) in mind. We use our expertise in workshop design, facilitation delivery, and other disciplines to ensure the experience is value-driven from start to finish.

Participants are always glad they attended our employee engagement experiences, which are:

Connected  arrow to what is valuable to their work

Activity-based arrow participants not only listen; they do

Interactive arrow participants are collaborating with each other and/or the facilitator

Dynamic arrow facilitators are responsive to their needs in the moment

Memorable arrow charismatic and insightful facilitators who know how to motivate participants to apply the experience to their work long after it is over

Our Employee Engagement Offerings

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Organization ImprovDesign Thinking Capacity BuildingWhite Privilege/Black PowerSpeaking Engagements

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PLUS, boost team productivity and creativity with a dynamic game for groups… FIVE THINGS

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Organizational Improv™

  • Organizational Improv™ is the application of tools, mindsets, and behaviors from improvisational comedy to the workplace to improve skills and culture, develop empathetic and creative leaders, and get better business results.
  • Our Organizational Improv™ offerings, led by seasoned improv facilitators with deep business and organizational expertise, will get your team playing — and learning — like professionals. We go beyond the fun and games to unveil actionable insights that improve how business goals are pursued.
  • Upskill your employees in essential workplace skills, including:
  • Customer service and deepening client relationships
  • Innovative and creative thinking
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Listening

See Organizational Improv™ in action

FORMAT: Available in-person or virtual

GROUP SIZE: Ideal for groups of 10 or more

SESSION TYPE: All sessions are custom designed to meet your learning and experience objectives

INVESTMENT: starts at $5,000

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Want a dynamic, interactive
brain game for groups in a simple but effective format?

  1. Add value to your meetings and make them way more fun and engaging.
  2. Foster an organizational culture that values collaboration and professional development.
  3. Inspire people to think creatively and stop overthinking to drive the business toward growth and revenue.
  4. Improve organizational communication and boost ideation and brainstorming sessions to generate better solutions for your business.
  5. Get people to turn off their inner censors and enhance productivity.

Buy “Five Things: A Creative Brain Game for Groups” today!

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Design Thinking Capacity Building

  • We teach your organization how to apply human-centered approaches to discover your customers’ true needs and solve problems of any size using a design mindset. Our workshops are designed to develop team skillsets and spur collective creativity, innovation, and actionable results.
  • Our Design Thinking capacity building experiences are informative and educational, experiential and fun, applicable and results-oriented.
  • Upskill your employees in essential workplace skills, including:
  • Deepened understanding of customer wants and needs
  • Improved customer experiences and loyalty
  • Discovery of new markets and ideas
  • Resources invested in only the innovative ideas that show early promise
  • One-of-a-kind solutions built and tested in low-cost, low-risk ways

We offer the following experiences and frequently work with clients to customize workshops in order to accommodate specific needs and challenges

Design Thinking: 101Screenshot 2023 12 26 at 12.31.54 PM This fast-paced, highly interactive, and experiential session allows groups to learn the design thinking process by doing. You will apply each phase of the process (Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test) to a fictional challenge and get exposure to and experience with human-centered design tools such as 1-on-1 empathy interviewing, customer personas, and empathy maps, and will use rapid prototyping techniques that result in an actual solution to the given challenge. You’ll also learn and experience the mindsets that are essential to doing design thinking right.

Design Thinking: ApplicationScreenshot 2023 12 26 at 12.31.54 PM This session turns Design Thinking: 101 in to an actual working session for your team. This time you will apply more advanced methods and tools toward an actual, real-world challenge your team faces. We’ll even help get your actual customers/end users in the room so you can gather authentic insights that will result in true progress.

Improv for Design ThinkingScreenshot 2023 12 26 at 12.31.54 PM This light and easy introduction uses Organizational Improv™ to reinforce the skills and mindsets needed to be effective design thinking practitioners. Through a series of interactive, experiential exercises, participants will hone their human-centered design skills related to empathy, creative problem solving, ideation, prototyping, and solution testing. Great for design thinkers at any level – from beginners who are curious to experts who want to enhance their craft.

FORMAT: Available in-person or virtual

GROUP SIZE: Ideal for groups of 10 or more

SESSION TYPE: Custom-designed sessions available

INVESTMENT: starts at $7,500

Greg Tindale & Eva Lewis, White Privilege/Black Power co-creators and performers

Greg Tindale & Eva Lewis performing
White Privilege/Black Power

White Privilege/Black Power Diversity & Inclusion Improv Show

Build a culture of success by cultivating a culture of inclusion.

Today’s savviest business leaders are moving beyond the politics of optics and diversity quotas. They are digging deeper to explore and cultivate true diversity as a critical component of their overall business strategy. And they are right to do so.

We love evidence just like you do and the data is in: diverse, equitable, and inclusive practices create higher-performing teams and improve business results.

DATA: Companies that have diverse and inclusive workforces are 35% more likely to outperform their competitors. (Source: McKinsey)

DATA: Organizations with inclusive cultures are six times more likely to be innovative, six times more likely to anticipate change and respond effectively, and two times as likely to meet or surpass financial goals. (Source: Deloitte)

DATA: More than 75% of job applicants say that a diverse workforce is an important factor when deciding where to work. (Source: Glassdoor)

DATA: Companies with above-average diversity in their leadership teams reported innovation revenue at rates 19 percentage points higher than those with below-average diversity in management. (Source: Boston Consulting Group)

We’d be irresponsible if we advised you on business innovation and didn’t also help you develop the kind of people and culture you need to make it happen. That’s why we created a one-of-a-kind experience that informs and engages your employees on essential topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Mindhatch presents:

White Privilege/Black Power:
A Diversity & Inclusion Improv Show

A Refreshing Approach to DEI Education

In this award-winning improv show, veteran performers Greg Tindale and Eva Lewis bound wide-eyed into the awkward questions and conversations we’ve all been tip-toeing around. They skillfully draw in audiences with an inquisitiveness that is seemingly unburdened by consequence or social propriety.

The award-winning White Privilege/Black Power show is a wickedly brilliant, unflinching exploration of difference that deftly welcomes, disarms, invites introspection from the audience. The topic-driven performances tailored to your audience cover a wide range of diversity issues and are a delightfully warm and engaging blend of courage, vulnerability, deep listening, levity, and profound empathy.

The format—itself a lesson in authentic communication and impactful co–creation—is a deceptively simple one: Listen. Empathize. Contribute. Repeat.

FORMAT: Available in-person or virtual

GROUP SIZE: Ideal for groups of 10 or more

SESSION TYPE: Custom options are available, including post-performance Q&A, targeting specific topics, and re-branding in a way that matches your culture

INVESTMENT: starts at $3,000

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Speaking Engagements

Mindhatch Founder & CEO Coonoor Behal is available to engage with your audience as speaker or panelist at your next conference, summit, or offsite. No boring “sage on the stage” here! Audience members will engage with her and with one another, taking away actionable insights, tools, and methods.

INVESTMENT: All speaking engagements start at $5,000

Current interactive talks include:

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way: How Small Changes to Employee Experience Can Create Fewer Me’sScreenshot 2023 12 26 at 12.31.54 PM In this talk, Coonoor Behal deftly weaves personal storytelling of her own “cautionary tales” with inspiration and tactical tips for cultivating incredible employee experiences for others. Many assume that creating incredible team and company cultures and engaging employees require Pixar-level budgets. But simple, cost-effective tactics and processes can create lasting impact for your employees. Coonoor shares her tips for leading workplaces with empathy and humanity, and creating cultures of innovation and creativity. Audiences will learn:

  • Opportunities most leaders miss when it comes to cultivating an organizational culture
  • How to view employee engagement and experience as strategic assets
  • How to become a leader catalyst for innovation and creativity
  • Actionable steps you can start taking today to cultivate a more innovative and creative team culture

APPLAUSE: “Loved this! Great message and takeaway tips. End corporate sociopathy!”

IDEAL FOR: opening and closing keynotes, all-hands meetings, leadership summits

DURATION: 30 min

Preventing and Addressing MicroaggressionsScreenshot 2023 12 26 at 12.31.54 PM In this illuminating combination talk + workshop, Coonoor draws from her personal experiences with microaggressions and her DEI and Organizational Improv™ toolkits to guide attendees through a journey of learning, self-reflection, and empathy-building. Participants will engage with Coonoor and each other on topics related to understanding privilege, creating psychological safety, leading with curiosity and accountability, and receiving feedback without defensiveness. Audiences leave with practical tools and behaviors they can use to both prevent microaggressions from happening and to know how to react and respond when they occur.

APPLAUSE: “Coonoor’s impressive learning engagement skills and powerful life wisdom helped ensure that we all came away with a clear understanding of how to create and foster spaces of psychological safety to truly cultivate a welcoming work environment that minimizes microaggressions and encourages effective, healing steps when they do occur.”

IDEAL FOR: leadership and management trainings, conferences and summits


An Improvisor’s Guide to Embracing & Thriving Amidst Organizational ChangeScreenshot 2023 12 26 at 12.31.54 PM This energizing, motivational session inspires audiences to embrace organizational changes and uncertainty with the aplomb of an improv comedian! Participants learn specific improv skills and how they relate to managing organizational change, and get first-hand experience practicing them through paired and small group exercises. Themes addressed include:

  • Yes, And
  • Acting in the Absence of Complete Information
  • Turning Mistakes into Opportunities

APPLAUSE: “Mindhatch provided a concise and introspective experience for our employees during a fun-filled afternoon session at our annual meeting. They were entertaining and engaging, as well as, insightful and thought-provoking.”

IDEAL FOR: opening and closing keynotes, all-hands meetings, leadership summits


Panel Participation & Moderation

Coonoor is a thoughtful, authentic, and entertaining addition to any panel whose improv comedy performance background means she is also adept at sharing the spotlight with others.

As a panel moderator she is skilled at asking probing questions audiences want to hear, balancing information with entertainment, and adapting in the moment.

INVESTMENT: starts at $3,000

Sample Panel Experiences 

MICROSOFT CANADA: “How Design and Technology Can Help Hyper-Collaborative Teams Thrive in the New World of Work”

SEATTLE WOMEN OF DESIGN & UX: “Enhancing Design with Data”