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Founded by creativity expert Marci Segal on May 25, 2001, in Toronto, Canada, World Innovation and Creativity Day was first recognized by the United Nations on April 21, 2017. UNCTAD Acting Secretary-General Isabelle Durant said the resolution was timely. “The creative industries are critical to the sustainable development agenda. They stimulate innovation and diversification, are an important factor in the burgeoning services sector, support entrepreneurship, and contribute to cultural diversity,” she said.

We celebrate innovation and creativity every day here at Mindhatch, but we thought today we’d gather some of our most popular Mindhatch Insights in one place to help you celebrate. 

Improv to better ideation on World Innovation and Creativity Day

Improv (-ise)Your Way to Better Ideation

Why do improv comedians consistently outperform career professionals when it comes to generating both quantity and quality of ideas during brainstorms? Find out here.

Improv corporate training world creativity innovation team building

Organizational Improv™: A Creative Approach to Corporate Training

Creativity is one of the top three skills that companies look for in their employees. Organizational Improv™ is a form of corporate training that uses activities and concepts from improvisational comedy as a training approach to develop creative skills, mindsets, and leadership capacity. Here are three organizations that put improv into action.

Improv Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety in the Workplace: Why Improv Can Help

Myth: Failure is bad. WRONG! It is productive and a great tool when embraced at work. Give your employees the psychological safety they need to be creative and innovative today and here’s how.

3 ways to know your company is innovative and creative

3 Ways To Know If Your Company Is Innovative

Sure, your company might have some good ideas or a couple of outstanding thinkers, but is that a fluke or the result of something systemic? Here are three indicators that an organization has what it takes to be a business innovator.

doing innovation and creativity right

The Key To Doing Innovation Right

Too many organizations have innovation backward: Effective innovators aren’t seeking to do MORE with less, they are seeking to do BETTER. They see innovation as a way of creating new value and possibilities, not merely extracting incremental value.  If you’re not creating new value, you’re not developing strategic advantages. In short, you’re not really innovating. Find out how to do it right.

improv hiring job candidates brilliant jerks

How To Avoid Hiring Your Company’s Next Brilliant Jerk

Work hazard: Jerk alert! Don’t be one and certainly don’t hire one. Interviewing and hiring people is difficult and bias may play a factor. Regardless of size, maturity, or industry, businesses and organizations face one near-universal business challenge: finding and hiring the right people. How do you avoid bias? Find out how improv can help you.

employee engagement through innovation and creativity

How Human Resources Can Use Design Thinking to Improve Employee Engagement

How do you get — and keep — employees engaged? In our work, we’ve found that employee engagement often boils down to organizational culture. And in order to change organizational culture for the better you need to stop thinking of employees as human resources. Employees are not machines whose outputs need to be optimized at all costs. Applying human-centered solutions will make the workplace a better place for those in it.

design thinking organizational culture with creativity and innovation day

Design Thinking: A Key To Improving Organizational Culture

Leaving organizational culture to chance is risky business. Just as design thinking requires integrity and good intentions, a strong company culture isn’t created by merely wishing it so. An organizational culture that is intentionally cultivated touches every facet of a company: from employee recruitment, engagement, and retention, to the development of product and service solutions, to the bottom line. Cultivate the culture you want with some keys steps from Design Thinking.

empathy for world creativity and innovation day

4 Ways to Use Empathy to Get Better Customer Insights

We all could use a little bit of empathy in everyday life and that also goes for our customers. Encourage your employees to see interactions from your customer’s perspective. What is the customer experience like? Are there any strong emotions involved? Getting closer to your customers with empathy isn’t just a nice thing to do…it’s an essential business practice that boosts profits, builds loyalty, and drives innovation in several key ways.

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