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FIVE THINGS is a ready-made improv tool – a dynamic, interactive brain game for groups in a simple but effective format.

We know you’re bored at meetings. And if you’re bored, so is your team.

You’re busy and don’t have a lot of time to waste in meetings. We want you to add value to your meetings – break free from the same old, same old, and start driving results faster! And we think you do too.

Through a re-usable and accessible format, FIVE THINGS helps you move past old-fashioned methods of leadership, and foster change and growth.

Inspired by our special brand of organizational change principles and collaborative group creativity, FIVE THINGS gives you the creative confidence to lead meetings in new and innovative ways that your employees (and business) will love!

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FIVE THINGS is a group warm up that actually works!

The key to getting the most out of meetings is to get your team connecting – after all, humans are social by nature.

FIVE THINGS is game inspired by human centered design that will innovate meetings, enhance corporate training, and inspire attendees to focus creatively.

All this drives your business forward with fun, new ideas for growth.

Because it’s playful, interactive, and quick, FIVE THINGS inspires fun. Nurtures trust. Increases confidence. And gets your team collaborating quickly and effectively.

Innovative team building. Fun. Trust. Confidence. Collaboration.

Oh, and did we mention solutions to your most complex business challenges?


“I was facilitating a session with our Financial Operations team. The group is revisiting the structure and the leader wanted to encourage the group to think creatively. This activity was a great way to set the tone and get the team thinking creatively (in a fun way) before delving into the “hard” work of the day.”


Facilitate connection and creativity. Anywhere. Anytime!

Life doesn’t always go as planned. We know business certainly doesn’t!

Your mission is to respond to an ever changing corporate environment. You need to be focused. Flexible. And adaptable. FIVE THINGS allows you to do just that.

Regardless of where or when your team meeting is being held – boardroom, coffee shop, mountain, desert, or ocean retreat – FIVE THINGS is a tool you can easily employ to kick your meetings off the right way, without worrying about budget or space.

Just buy and play!

Right now you should:
  1. Add value to your meetings and make them way more fun and engaging.
  2. Foster an organizational culture that values collaboration and professional development.
  3. Inspire people to think creatively and stop overthinking to drive the business toward growth and revenue.
  4. Improve organizational communication and boost ideation and brainstorming sessions to generate better solutions for your business.
  5. Get people to turn off their inner censors and enhance productivity.

Buy FIVE THINGS, for only $19.99! Includes 15 game cards, cover wrap with instructions, and closure band for easy carrying.

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