Most organizations have a hard time getting employees or clients to think “outside the box” and act on new ideas that are generated. The problem is usually the structure and organization of meetings and workshops during which brainstorming is expected to occur. As experts in workshop design, innovative cultures, creativity, and facilitation Mindhatch® can design and deliver your innovation-centered event to ensure it will be a creative success that has impact long after people return to their desks.


  • Encourage creative thought while working within established constraints
  • Reach consensus quickly and have people inspired and excited to take action
  • Ideas are generated faster and are of higher quality
  • Tap into the “groupmind” of creative collaboration while preventing groupthink
  • The entire process is efficient, experiential, and fun

The Mindhatch Innovation Facilitation Experience

As expert innovation facilitators, we’ll help you refine your business objectives and desired outcomes and use those as our “North Star” for designing and delivering a customized experience for your team. We’ll pay special attention to each participant as we guide your team through a dynamic journey that will unleash ideas and guarantee an effective use of everyone’s time. To ensure a fun and memorable session, we add a dash of improv to to get people working creatively and collaboratively!


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Improv, Design Thinking, & Cultures of Innovation | Seattle | November 8

Mindhatch Founder Coonoor Behal will present at November’s meeting of the Seattle chapter of the Applied Improvisation Network (AIN). She’ll discuss her work using design thinking for corporate business innovation and why organizational improv can and should be an essential component of any innovation or organizational culture change strategy. Coonoor will also share some of her favorite improv activities she uses with her design thinking clients. JOIN US


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