White Privilege, Black Power

A Refreshing Approach to Diversity & Inclusion Education

A New Improv Experience brought to you by Mindhatch
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White Privilege, Black Power, an award-winning improv show, represents a departure from the traditional, furrowed-brow approach to Diversity and Inclusion education. Performers Greg Tindale and Eva Lewis are both delightfully and painfully human, profoundly relatable, and entirely disarming.

This nimble-witted duo moves their audiences well beyond humdrum conference room presentations by captivating onlookers with their insatiable curiosity, wiling vulnerability, penchant for awkward topics, and frank exchange.

This audience-tailored, incisive performance is sure to spark change-making discussion. Rife with wit, humor, sincerity, and a huge helping of empathy, it is an experience that simultaneously entertains and teaches.

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"Laughter invites people to stay through difficult topics, when they could otherwise leave."

— Robert Krulwich,

The White Privilege, Black Power Experience

White Privilege, Black Power is a groundbreaking improv performance that guides your team safely through the initial uncertainty that commonly accompanies conventional approaches to diversity and inclusion work. Through a deft performance of this award-winning show, improv professionals Eva Lewis and Greg Tindale manage to illuminate the humor and humanity in even the most delicate of subjects.

This dynamic Mindhatch offering sets the stage for the transparent discussions and mission-based strategies that drive meaningful, human-centered change and lead to better business outcomes.

The tailored, topic-driven performances cover a wide range of diversity issues and are a delightfully warm and engaging blend of courage, vulnerability, deep listening, levity, and profound empathy.

Interjected by moments of inspired improv, the performance weaves itself around a conversation between the two performers, or a special guest interview, to which we return again and again. The format—itself a lesson in authentic communication and impactful co–creation—is a deceptively simple one: Listen. Empathize. Contribute. Repeat.


  • A more inclusive culture through increased empathy, tolerance, and social perspective-taking.
  • Better collaboration due to increased sharing of and receptivity to different ideas and perspectives.
  • A heightened understanding of concepts and command of correlated vocabulary.
  • Higher emotional and cross-cultural intelligence.
  • Enhanced ability to creatively and confidently problem-solve and communicate ideas.
  • Increased creativity, better problem-solving and capacity to innovate.
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The White Privilege, Black Power Show

A Diversity & Inclusion Improv Show

Raising Funds for Black Lives

Presented by Mindhatch


On June 24th and 26th, Mindhatch hosted White Privilege, Black Power: A D&I Improv Show Raising Funds for Black Lives—a wickedly funny improv comedy show that deeply and unflinchingly explore diversity and inclusion in the workplace. See how Eva Lewis and Greg Tindale tackle D&I topics suggested by the audience using improv, humor, and empathy.

If you missed the shows, don’t worry! You can check the replays of both shows below.

June 24th Show

June 26th Show

Y’all, White Privilege Black Power just killed at the conference I’m keynoting with a show focused on disability, ableism, and more. They should be therapists or diversity trainers in their next lives. Thank you, Eva Lewis and Greg Tindale for sharing your many talents and insight with us!

— Lisa Kays
Mid Atlantic Group Psychotherapy Society

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