Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusive teams are smarter, higher-performing, and better for business.

Today’s most successful business leaders are moving beyond the politics of optics and diversity quotas. They are digging deeper to explore and cultivate true diversity as a critical component of their overall business strategy. And they are right to do so.

In addition to a US workforce that is rapidly growing more diverse with each passing year, study after study has shown that businesses with diverse _and_ inclusive work cultures routinely outperform non-inclusive companies by at least 15 percent. In fact, teams that embrace varied perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences not only generate higher revenues, they also attract better talent and overwhelmingly make better business decisions.

Through innovative trainings, workshops, and events, Mindhatch can help you nurture the emotional intelligence, collaborative skill sets, and cultural alignment you need to build a more equitable, inclusive, and successful workplace for everyone.

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) refers to the initiatives an organization undertakes to build a work environment that is representative of traditionally underrepresented and marginalized groups and where everyone can do their best work. This ongoing effort to understand, unearth, and eliminate biases in business processes, systems, and interpersonal interactions, creates a more inclusive and equitable culture—one that is fair, welcomes and values difference, unlocks human potential, and allows businesses to thrive.

A study by Deloitte found that organizations with inclusive cultures are six times more likely to be innovative, six times more likely to anticipate change and respond effectively, and two times as likely to meet or surpass financial goals.

— Erik J. Martin, Contributor
"Inclusive Leadership: Being the Boss of Belonging"
US Chamber of Commerce

Featured Diversity and Inclusion Experience

White Privilege, Black Power

In this award-winning improv show, veteran performers Greg Tindale and Eva Lewis bound wide-eyed into the awkward questions and conversations we’ve all been tip-toeing around. They skillfully draw in audiences with an inquisitiveness that is seemingly unburdened by consequence or social propriety.

White Privilege, Black Power is a wickedly brilliant, unflinching exploration of difference that deftly disarms and educates viewers. The tailored, topic-driven performances cover a wide range of diversity issues and are a delightfully warm and engaging blend of courage, vulnerability, deep listening, levity, and profound empathy.

Cultivate a culture of inclusion. Build a culture of success.

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The Mindhatch Diversity and Inclusion Experience

Our Diversity and Inclusion offerings are designed to help teams harness the power of difference. This service leverages many of the same techniques and skill sets employed in our Organizational Improv trainings and Innovation Facilitation engagements to address the challenges and opportunities around diversity that exist in every workplace. We work with you to uncover biases present in everyday processes and interactions that are limiting your team’s individual and collective success. As seasoned improv performers and experts in the workshop design and facilitation, Mindhatch offers custom experiences that—through a unique blend of play, discussion, learning, and ideation—will get your team communicating and collaborating more effectively.


  • Provides a unique professional development experience for a
    learning program or team retreat.
  • Increased retention of high-quality employees.
  • Reduction of biases that prevent your business from recruiting and hiring the best talent.
  • Increased ability to leverage untapped talent and knowledge pools.
  • Increased creativity, better problem-solving and capacity to
  • Boost in employee growth and performance.
  • Increased financial returns and better industry performance.

Other D&I Offerings


Are you looking for an impactful way to jumpstart Diversity & Inclusion efforts art your company? Or, are you trying to maximize the performance and efficacy of your diverse team? No matter where you are on the Diversity & Inclusion journey, our sessions are tailored to your unique challenges and objectives.

We work with D&I professionals to design the content and length of our experiences to guide or compliment a variety of employee engagements, including workshops, meetings, retreats, and conferences, and social activities. Led by seasoned trainers who also have deep business and organizational expertise, our trainings provide actionable insights that inspire change and nurture team success.

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The stats don’t lie: More diverse and inclusive work cultures not only attract and retain more diverse and higher-quality applicants, they also show better returns and significantly outperform industry competitors. But, how equitable is your company culture and it’s hiring process?

Using a D&I lens, Mindhatch will help you evaluate your culture, hiring process, and applicants. Prime your business to fairly and successfully assess, win, and support the best talent. Mindhatch can provide the following:

  • Identification of position needs and requirements.
  • Exposure and mitigation of biases and non-inclusive messaging.
  • Creation of a more equitable and in-depth interview process, including “soft” skills assessment.
  • Improv-based interviews and candidate skills reporting.
  • Evaluation and priming of workplace culture for diversity and inclusion preparedness.
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[Mindhatch] came in and gave us something really innovative in terms of building skills. We did some really interesting exercises and games that built our listening skills, our response skills, and our ability to see things through another person's eyes. This style of training was very new and innovative for us, and we’re really happy with the way that it turned out."


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