Design Thinking Workshops

Turn your team into an innovation powerhouse.

As experts in both design thinking and workshop design and facilitation, we can teach you and your team how to employ human-centered approaches to discover your customers’ true needs and solve problems of any size using a design mindset. Our workshops are designed to develop team skillsets and spur collective creativity, innovation, and actionable results. Our design thinking workshops are:

  • Informative and educational
  • Experiential and fun
  • Applicable and results-oriented

Our Most Popular Design Thinking Workshops

 Design Thinking: 101

This fast-paced, highly interactive, and experiential half-day or full-day workshop puts groups through the paces of learning the design thinking process by doing. You will apply each phase of the process (Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test) to a specific challenge and get exposure to and experience with using tools such as 1-on-1 empathy interviewing, customer personas, and empathy maps, and apply rapid prototyping techniques that result in an actual solution to the given challenge.

Pairs excellently with Design Thinking: Application
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Design Thinking: Application

This half-day, full-day, or multi-day training turns Design Thinking: 101 in to an actual working session for your team. You’ll be put through the paces once again, but this time will apply the methods and tools toward an actual, real-world workplace challenge your team faces. We’ll even help get your actual customers/end users in the room so you can gather authentic insights that will result in true progress.

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Improv for Design Thinking

This half-day group training uses methods from improvisational comedy to reinforce the skills needed to be effective design thinking practitioners. Through a series of interactive, experiential exercises, participants will hone their human-centered skills related to empathy, problem solving, ideation, prototyping, and solution testing. Great for design thinkers at any level – from beginners who are curious to experts who want to enhance their craft.

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Looking for a different type of design thinking workshop?

We also do customized sessions!

Mindhatch presented the Design Thinking 101 & Application workshops to our team of IT managers. They provided invaluable insight to our team on how to implement change for our end customers with their experience at the forefront, not technical needs. We have seen immediate dividends and will continue to use design thinking in our future projects.”


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