Design Thinking

Numbers don’t make a product or a business successful. People do.

People are at the center of every successful business, so it’s time to put the human experience at the center of what you do. We employ the craft of design thinking – a process for creative problem-solving and solution development – to help our clients tackle the uncertainty of creating or evolving a product, service or experience for the marketplace. We will help you go beyond numerical projections and traditional market research to create usable offerings that result in delighted customers, engaged staff, and improved profits.

Design thinking is a collaborative process for creative problem solving that applies non-linear thinking, empathy with customers, and rapid prototyping of solutions.


  • Deepened understanding of customer wants and needs
  • Improved customer experiences and loyalty
  • Discovery of new markets and ideas with continuous customer validation
  • Removal of organizational silos to accomplish goals efficiently
  • Resources invested in only the innovative ideas that show early promise
  • One-of-a-kind solutions built and tested in low-cost, low-risk ways

The Mindhatch Design Thinking Experience

As experts in workshop design and facilitation, we are uniquely capable of bringing our design thinking expertise to your organization. We offer the following experiences and frequently work with clients to customize workshops in order to accommodate specific needs and challenges:



What we offer:

Design Thinking

This fast-paced, highly interactive, and experiential half-day or full-day workshop puts groups through the paces of learning the design thinking process by doing.

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Design Thinking:

This half-day, full-day, or multi-day training turns Design Thinking: 101 in to an actual working session for your team.

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Improv For
Design Thinking

This half-day group training uses methods from improvisational comedy to reinforce the skills needed to be effective design thinking practitioners.

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Other Design Thinking Services

Design Research

Understanding your customers begins with human-centered research. Mindhatch will create and manage the entire research process from start to finish – to include:

  • Identification of project goals and constraints
  • Craft challenge questions and hypotheses
  • Creation and application of the correct methodology
  • Gather qualitative and quantitative customer insights
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Are you trying to bring a design mindset to your team or organization? We can help you navigate organizational and leadership challenges and change the DNA of your workplace while developing your individual design thinking skills and building your creative confidence.

Is your team trying to apply a design thinking process to a project or initiative? We can coach you through the process to ensure you execute with integrity and get the best results.

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Coonoor is one of the sharpest freelance design thinkers I’ve met over my years as a business owner. What impressed me the most with Coonoor during our work together was her ability to think quickly on her feet and effortlessly ease at-times tricky client conversations with humor and wit. I would recommend Coonoor to anyone looking for a gifted project manager to lead design thinking or service design work.”


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