Finding the love of Improv and Quitting on the CurryUp StartUp Podcast

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Can quitting bring you joy? How can improv help you at work? Find out by watching the podcast taping below…
CurryUp StartUp Podcast

Entrepreneur and CEO of Mindhatch Coonoor Behal talks about the joy of quitting, how she revealed her love for improv, and how she helps make organizations a better place by instilling creativity through her trademarked Organizational Improv methodology on the CurryUp StartUp podcast with Priyanka Komala. (November 16th, 2020)

They discuss:

👉 What does it take to be an Asian American entrepreneur amidst COVID?

👉 Her upcoming book I quit –

👉 How YOU can embrace Improv to be a better team player and leader?

👉 Leading a happy life because life is too long! Her mountain dog Nikka makes a special appearance with happy tail wags! 

Watch below:

Want to learn more about the joys of quitting from everyday people? Consider pre-ordering Coonoor Behal’s book, “I Quit! The Life-Affirming Joy of Giving Up” set to publish in April 2021.

Her hope is that, in reading this book, you will discover that quitting doesn’t deserve the stigma or shame society gives it…and that “quitters” are often to be celebrated for their courage, strength, and self-knowledge.

She hopes to instill in you the same sort of passion and excitement that she has for rethinking quitting.

Ultimately, I want you to see this book as a tool to help you re-examine the things you quit – and don’t quit – in your life. Quitting is a choice…but so is not quitting.

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Find joy in quitting and improv

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