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In the last two months, millions of businesses have had to adapt quickly to our new pandemic reality and Mindhatch is no exception. We’ve been inspired by so many stories of businesses changing how they serve customers — fitness studios pivoting to virtual classes, restaurants creating delivery options overnight, direct-to-consumer fashion brands offering free virtual styling sessions — while still delivering the same value that their customers know and love. 

As you likely know, we’re big fans of all things improv here at Mindhatch. And at its very core, improv is about adapting to new information and building on whatever your improv partners — or colleagues, or global forces — give you to work with. (What better skill to learn during a pandemic, right?) So, in the true spirit of improv and adaptation, we’re embracing a new format for our Design Thinking, Organizational Improv™, Innovation Facilitation, and Diversity & Inclusion services — remote! 

We’ve always designed each engagement to our clients’ needs, including delivery format. All of Mindhatch’s services can be done in the now-necessary virtual format to deliver the same insightful experiences and inspired results. 

Resilience in business is largely a function of the ability to adapt quickly and strategically to new circumstances. I started Mindhatch because I wanted to help companies change the way they think by building strong, diverse, and collaborative teams that can creatively solve problems and innovate. At the time, I couldn’t have known that the skills and cultures we help companies and organizations cultivate would also be essential during a global health crisis.

In short, Mindhatch is here to help you in whatever way we can — whether through regular doses of inspiration and irreverence (we’ll keep it coming!) or designing a custom remote program to help your team connect or tackle a sticky challenge. It’s always a good time to #GetHatched! 

Here’s what a remote work from home format + Mindhatch means for you and your team

Work from Home with Design Thinking & Innovation

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The power of Design Thinking is that it can be applied to whatever actual challenges your business is currently facing.

  • Get your team thinking creatively quickly with a two-hour version of our Design Thinking: 101 program.
  • Break our regular Design Thinking: 101 and Design Thinking: Application programs into 2 or 3 sessions across a few days to keep the creative juices flowing and reduce Zoom fatigue.
  • Take a deeper dive into the Empathize, Define, and/or Ideate steps of Design Thinking with short, individual workshops for each important step.
  • Invest in yourself as an innovative leader and get expert advice on applying design thinking to your work with our 1-on-1 advisement and coaching — all conducted via Zoom.
  • More breaks so participants can get up, move around, and not become Zoom zombies. (This applies to our Organizational Improv™ and Innovation Facilitation sessions as well. See below.)

Work from Home with Organizational Improv™

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Right now, we’re all craving meaningful connection and experiences, which Organizational Improv™ delivers. Plus, it helps build skills that are more relevant than ever: adaptability, flexibility, listening, creativity, and collaborating.

  • Go for a shorter session (or a series of shorter sessions) of our custom Organizational Improv workshops to help your team connect and collaborate remotely.
  • For example, for one week, start your and your teams’ workday with a one-hour improv session to get everyone thinking on their feet. Or offer a 30-minute remote Organizational Improv session as a Friday “lunch and learn” activity.

Work from Home with Innovation Facilitation

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Business may not go back to “normal,” so waiting and seeing is simply not a viable strategy. You need to move forward together strategically and embrace change. Our Innovation Facilitation expertise does just chat.

  • In-person or remote, work with us to design an effective and engaging process for a  results-oriented ideation session, a thought-provoking and strategic retreat, or other customized sessions — all facilitated virtually.
  • Bridge online and offline worlds with shared experiences through session toolkits mailed to each participant, incorporating shared meals, and more.

Work from Home with Diversity & Inclusion

2 performers in White Privilege, Black Power diversity and inclusion improv show

Diverse and inclusive workplaces are more innovative, perform better, and are more resilient. A diverse workforce can help you navigate your organization through this crisis. If you’re not already investing in D&I, the time to start is now.

  • Help your team break down barriers, explore differences, and find common ground with the new and exclusive-to-Mindhatch White Privilege Black Power improv show, which can be done virtually. Let the talented and skilled Eva and Greg help your team truly celebrate difference!
  • Rethink your hiring process to attract and vet the best talent virtually, or work with us to design a custom, remote D&I experience for your team. 

Don’t see something here that meets your team’s needs? Get in touch and we’ll design a program that does!

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