Why Companies Lose Women and What Should They Know

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Why companies lose women

Comedic improviser, Mindhatch founder and author, Coonoor Behal joins The Confessional Professional podcast to chat about how companies lose women. A lot of women! “I deal every day with companies that are making more MEs (people like ME): women, women of color specifically, that are walking away from companies to start their own businesses. Companies are losing that talent quickly,” she says. The barriers are there and women of color are leaving companies in numbers greater than any other segment of the population to start their own businesses. What’s happening and what can companies do? Plus, they laugh about bro culture – hey, we thought nerds were supposed to be awesome! -and the ‘discomfort’ of politics at work by ‘leaders.’ (hey, organizations ARE political!). Join us for this fun chat where we laugh, learn, listen and lean into the truth of women and work on The Confessional Professional with Kathy Klotz-Guest.

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Empower women in the workforce

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