White Privilege Black Power Diversity & Inclusion Improv Shows Raise $3,700 for Black lives!

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Mindhatch was founded on the mission to expand our ways of thinking, solving problems, and building organizational cultures — and being playful, authentic, and vulnerable is essential to carrying out what we do.

This is why we are now offering our expertise to help organizations improve their Diversity & Inclusion efforts. After all, study after study concludes that diversity and inclusive teams are more innovative, creative, and successful.  

In late June, we launched our “flagship” diversity and inclusion offering with two showings of White Privilege, Black Power, an interview-based, improvised comedy show that focuses on topics of difference.

These free online shows also raised funds from audience members, with all donations going to bail funds, mutual aid funds, and activist organizations working to make Black lives matter. 

We happy to report that the more than 200 audience members helped us raise…


Did you miss these hilariously human explorations into diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in life?

You’re in luck! You can re-watch both shows below or on our Youtube channel!

Want to continue to fundraise for Black lives?

Donate more to the ActBlue campaign by going HERE!

Want to learn more about White Privilege Black Power, an award-winning improv show?

Learn more about Eva & Greg and the origin story of WPBP, here.

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