Mindhatch Founder and CEO Interviewed on “Shitty Idea Time” Podcast

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Recently, the host of Shitty Idea Time Podcast, Tess Ball—who also runs the Heart Driven Business Academy, an organization designed to help entrepreneurs flourish—invited Mindhatch Founder and CEO Coonoor Behal to come on the show and speak about how she keeps fear of failure from getting in the way of her personal and professional success. (As, this is something that Mindhatch helps businesses do, too!)

The Shitty Idea Time podcast and Youtube series features explorations of the world’s shittiest ideas and is a masterclass in making entrepreneurial magic. Coonoor’s episode joins a collection of fascinating and fun discussions with a range of entrepreneurs, including Janita Court, founder of My Woolly Mammoth, Mikaila Ulmer, a social entrepreneur, and Start Up Heart Up Founder, Kae Gruner.

“Do we know enough to be dangerous?” -Coonoor Behal

These words from Coonoor are how the podcast opens, setting the stage for Coonoor to explain how she gets outside her comfort zone and faces innovation with courage and excitement—not trepidation. There’s also plenty of levity—as Coonoor, who’s passion for improv comedy knows no bounds, is apt to add in! She also may or may not have worn a penguin costume for the interview.

Listen here for the full podcast!

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