(Re)design Your Team’s Remote Working Experience to Hatch New Solutions

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A BYOP (Bring Your Own Problem) Creative Problem-Solving Online Course Straight from Mindhatch’s Founder & CEO, Coonoor Behal on Nov. 17th. Register Early! The first 10 registrants will receive a mailed “Workshop from Home” gift from Mindhatch!
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Is this Course For You?:

Has the pandemic required you and your team to transform your work culture and adapt to change? Are you having trouble fostering social cohesion and collaboration in your team? Has the uncertainty of the current times impacted your team’s productivity levels? Are you rethinking your team’s work and communication practices?

At a time when human relationships feel distant and fragmented, Mindhatch recognizes that remote working experiences have been complicated by the pandemic (among various other ongoing issues), making it increasingly challenging to feel connected, motivated, and inspired. This course is ideal for professionals interested in employing human-centered practices to spark creative problem solving and improve your team’s remote working experience.

Benefits and takeaways from participating in this course:

● Learn and speak the language of design thinking

● Get a chance to specifically work on your team’s remote working challenge

● Gain a deeper understanding of your team’s remote working experience

● Develop the ability to define a human-centered problem 

● Ideate creative and readily applicable solutions to improve your team’s remote working experience

● Experience collaboratively providing and receiving feedback on your ideas in real-time

● Learn practical tools and design thinking methods to apply to your everyday work

● Get access to Mindhatch’s exclusive collection of online resources to further your design thinking education after the course

Course Objectives:

● Understand key concepts of Design Thinking

● Deep dive into the five stages of the Design Thinking process

● Gain a holistic understanding of your team’s needs through ethnographic methods

● Directly apply creative problem solving to your team’s human-centered problem 

● Experience an immersive and collaborative space to brainstorm innovative solutions

Pre-Course Activity:

Identify and bring your team’s remote working challenge to the course – don’t worry, this is totally optional and you are free to change it!

Duration: 90 minutes 

Platform: Primarily Zoom with activities on MURAL and Google Docs

Registration Fee: $50 early bird or discount / $75 regular

Registration Deadline: Early bird by October 30

Course Date and Time: 17 November 2020 (Tuesday) at 10am Pacific/12pm Central/1pm Eastern


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