Design And Presents “Quitting as a Means of Reinvention”

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“Design and…” recently presented a fireside chat with Coonoor Behal about innovation, design thinking, and quitting as a means for reinvention. Tune in to the conversation here!

“Design and…” presented a virtual fireside chat with Coonoor Behal, Founder and CEO of Mindhatch and Author of “I Quit: The Life-Affirming Joy of Giving Up,” which will be published by New Degree Press in April 2021. They discussed the intersection of design thinking and the power of decisive quitting. Coonoor shares some key she’s learned from researching her book about quitting jobs, relationships, habits, aspirations, identities, and places and how this passion project connects to her career in innovation.

In addition to hearing some engaging stories from Coonoor’s interviews highlighted in the book, they will explore some key themes like:
• Risk-taking, shame, and stigma about quitting
• Perfectionism and social pressures about quitting
• When quitting is perceived as a failure vs a triumph
• Making big decisions and the ability to act in the absence of complete information
• How quitting, or not quitting, reflects our own personal and cultural values
• The power of quitting to open new possibilities

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