Join us for Creative Mornings on Aug. 30th! Giving Up to Get Ahead: Why Quitting Will Make Your Life Better

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Join our Founder + CEO, Coonoor Behal for a Creative Mornings interactive FieldTrip chat on August 30th. Registration is free and available now for 500 attendees.

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❓Do you think change is inherently less risky than staying put? Do you think “sticking it out” in life, labor, and/or love and doing the “right” thing all the time is holding you back?

Ask yourself: who are you living your life for? Whose fears are you basing your (lack of) decisions on? Quitting is a choice, but so is NOT quitting. When it comes to making bold decisions in life, it’s a risk if you do and it’s a risk if you don’t.

Coonoor Behal interviewed nearly 40 happy quitters for her recent book, “I Quit! The Life-Affirming Joy of Giving Up” and wants to help you have the courage of a quitter.

In this interactive FieldTrip, you will:

❤️ Hear why Coonoor loves quitting so much and how it has helped her in her life

❤️ Understand what happy quitters know that you don’t, sourced from Coonoor’s recent book “I Quit! The Life-Affirming Joy of Giving Up”

❤️ Go through exercises (some in breakout rooms) from the “I Quit! Toolkit“ that will help you reframe and de-stigmatize quitting for yourself and give you the courage to make that next bold decision.

Register today.

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Give up and get ahead through the act of quitting

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