FIVE THINGS improv card game now available in hard copy!

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Mindhatch is happy to announce that our popular creative brain game, FIVE THINGS, is now available for purchase!

Previously available only to our Organizational Improv clients and our newsletter subscribers, FIVE THINGS is now available to anyone who wants to bring a dose of creativity and innovation to their work gatherings.


  • Add value to your meetings and make them way more fun and engaging
  • Foster an organizational culture that values collaboration and professional development. Inspire people to think creatively and stop overthinking to drive the business toward growth and revenue.
  • Improve organizational communication and boost ideation and brainstorming sessions to generate better solutions for your business.
  • Get people to turn off their inner censors and enhance productivity.


Learn More About  FIVE THINGS NOW!

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  1. Me encanta el contenido de su página. Es muy valiosa para hacer de la experiencia educativa una aventura memorable….GRACIAS!!!

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