Design Thinking: Practice & Measurement Essentials | Online | April 2

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Design Thinking: Practice & Measurement Essentials

Learn how to put design thinking into practice at your organization

Mindhatch Founder, Coonoor Behal, will instruct this live online training for O’Reilly Media on April 2, 10am – 1pm PST.


Course Description:

Design thinking takes the designer’s approach to problem-solving and applies it to all contexts and types of problems; it’s an extremely powerful technique where design, making, and business overlap, and it’s not just for designers. Teams and organizations leverage this approach to create more meaningful products and services for both their users and the market at the rapid speed that modern technology demands. However, building a practice of design thinking takes time and considerable effort and often requires change to organizational culture.

In this three-hour course, you’ll learn how other organizations have worked to put design thinking into practice and how to identify stumbling blocks to growth early in the process.

Through a mix of lecture, discussion, and hands-on activities, you’ll analyze your team’s current ways of working, define what a future state of applied design thinking will look like for your team, create metrics to measure this maturity over time, and develop a plan for increasing application moving forward. You’ll be able to put this plan—and everything else you learn in this course—to use immediately, charting your own course for maturity and crafting a vision for moving forward.

Read the full course details and register HERE.

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