Improve Customer Service Through Improv

Give your customer service representatives the best training available.

Get your reps to deliver better customer service by using methods from today’s hottest professional training tool: improvisation.

With our “Improv for Customer Service” workshops, you will:

  • Empower your front line service reps to:
    • Establish empathy for your customers
    • Problem-solve creatively in the moment
    • Personalize and humanize customer interactions
    • Make your customers feel like they matter
  • Gather emotion-driven insights directly from your customers
  • Provide an innovative professional development training
  • Engage and motivate your associates
  • Add authenticity to your customer service
  • Solve customer issues more quickly
  • Promote “outside in” thinking at your organization
Start customizing your “Improv For Customer Service” session!

Improve Customer Service Through Improv

import export bank"[Mindhatch] came in and gave us something really innovative in terms of building skills. We [did] some really interesting exercises and games that built our listening skills, our response skills, and our ability to see things through another person's eyes. This style of training was very new and innovative for us, and we’re really happy with the way that it turned out."
Stephanie Thum, Vice President of Customer Experience Export-Import Bank of the United States Podcast: Leaders Come and Go, But Your Customers Will Remain

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