Improv for Design Thinking

Refresh your team’s design thinking toolkit through improv!

Improv approaches can improve:
  • How your team works together
  • How you engage and satisfy your clients
  • Your skills as a design thinking practitioner

Improv methodologies and mindsets are valuable tools at every stage of the design thinking process:

one Empathize You will improve your active listening and other communication skills while solving team-based improv challenges.

two Define You will experience the design challenge first-hand and crystallize your understanding of the customer’s point of view.

three Ideate You will explore a wider range and greater depth of possible solutions for your designs.

four Prototype You will give physical form to your potential offering, whether it is a product, service, or experience.

five Test You will learn how to engage customers through improv activities and how to encourage honest, in-the-moment feedback to your solutions.

Improv teaches the skills necessary for successful design thinking project teams such as:

  • Turning failures into opportunities
  • Storytelling
  • Assuming a beginner’s mindset
  • Client and customer communications
Refresh Your Team’s Design Thinking Toolkit Today!

Refresh your team's Design Thinking Toolbox today!

chrisbobbitt"Thinking freely and saying yes are sometimes the hardest parts of design for my clients. Coonoor's approach to using improv for design thinking is a great way to stoke a group in to the right mindset and build into a solid flare phase. The exercises are well thought, relevant to my clients, and - crucially - fun!"
Chris Bobbitt, Vice President & Co-Founder, Technical Assent

"Not only was it a fun and engaging session, but I left with a new perspective on design thinking and a fresh set of techniques to leverage in my creative process."
Heidi Harper, Director, The Tremendousness Collective

davidlemus"What I loved most was [Coonoor's] ability to facilitate warm-up exercises that were specific to a step in the DT process (Discovery, Ideation, Prototyping). Any team looking to ground their team in how to build empathy or understand the principles of prototyping would benefit from what Coonoor has to teach. I look forward to using some of these techniques myself with my team!"
David Lemus, Design Thinking Strategist, Capital One

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