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Our New Video: Get #Hatched with Mindhatch

Our New Video: Get #Hatched with Mindhatch

See us in action in our new video that showcases our Design Thinking, Organizational Improv, and Innovation Facilitation services. Our services are all about using creativity and innovation to get better business results. Our workshops and consulting projects work and create lasting results. And oh yeah, everything we do is super fun too!

Contact Us today if you are ready to harness creativity and innovation to drive better business results.

Improv (-ise)Your Way to Better Ideation

Improv (-ise)Your Way to Better Ideation

This is a scene from “30 Rock,” in which Jack Donaghy, one of my favorite caricatures of the Great American Businessman, satirizes the popular business cliché that “there are no bad ideas.” Kill Jerry Seinfeld? Of course that’s a terrible idea! Not to mention one that is at-odds with a very real constraint: the law. The truth… Continue Reading

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