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Mindhatch service design drinks Seattle

Service Design Drinks | Seattle | November 8

Service Design Drinks is a network of Seattle service designers and related professionals who think services should and can be better designed. On Nov 8, we’ll be discussing — and interacting with — Service Blueprints vs Journey Maps. What are the differences and similarities we’ve seen in theory and in practice? Where have we had the most success using each? What pitfalls have we encountered, and what adaptations?

Coonoor Behal improv design thinking innovation

Improv, Design Thinking, & Cultures of Innovation | Seattle | November 8

Mindhatch Founder Coonoor Behal will present at November’s meeting of the Seattle chapter of the Applied Improvisation Network (AIN). She’ll discuss her work using design thinking for corporate business innovation and why organizational improv can and should be an essential component of any innovation or organizational culture change strategy. Coonoor will also share some of her favorite improv activities she uses with her design thinking clients.